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Whether you are renovating or building your dream home, our range of spray on concrete, stone resurfacing coatings or Epoxy Coatings will complement any style or design.


Resurface your new or old concrete with one of our anti slip spray on concrete, Stone Paving or Epoxy Coatings in Melbourne Victoria.


If you are looking to rejuvenate and protect your current concrete flooring in an easy and affordable way, then epoxy floor coatings is for you. Not only will this growing trend improve the decorative look and performance of a plain concrete garage or workshop floor, but it will add sophistication, longevity and value to a once ordinary looking space. At Spray On Professionals, we have a team of elite contractors who can help you resurface your concrete with ease. Our team provides the best advice regarding epoxy concrete floor coating options for your garage or workshop flooring, allowing you to get the most out of our service.


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Epoxy Factory Floor Coating

Flake Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy Kitchen Floor

Internal Epoxy Floor

Why epoxy flooring is the coating for your garage or factory

Epoxy floor coatings are a liquid resin combined with a hardening agent, which can be applied in various decorative looks, thicknesses and methods over new or existing concrete. Creating an attractive, non-porous finish which is highly resistant to staining or chemical wear, epoxy flooring is the best option for any garage or factory coating. It is the affordable solution that allows for your flooring to remain durable against cracks and stains, and is easily maintained to remain clean and tidy for your home.  

Epoxy flooring can be used in various environments including garages, factories, retail spaces, food preparation areas and more. It is a great surface that is able to resist mould and bacteria growth, making it the hygienic and affordable option for all. Some other benefits that have been seen with epoxy floor coating is that it is very water resistant, light reflective and highly protective.



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For all of your floor solutions, including our epoxy coating services, you can get in touch with our team today. We are the team of professionals that have been in the industry for years, gaining inside knowledge on the best way to protect your garage or factory flooring. Our services extend into concrete resurfacing, concrete grinding, spray on concrete, stone paving and concrete repairs, making us the trusted option for all areas of your home. To get in touch with our team, simply call us on 1300 769 365 or email on At Spray on Professionals, we are able to service areas around Melbourne extending into Pakenham, making us the central option for all your concrete flooring needs.


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Epoxy Factory Floor

Epoxy Flake Floor Garage

Before Epoxy to Factory

After Epoxy to Factory

Before Epoxy to Garage Floor

After Epoxy to Garage Floor

Before Epoxy Flake Floor

Epoxy Partial Flake Floor Garage